Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zimsculpt: Zimbabwean Sculpture at the Naples Botanical Garden

The Naples Botanical Garden was first established in 1995 and consists of 160 acres of lakes and lands. Development has been ongoing toward the goal of becoming one of the finest collections of subtropical and tropical plants in the world. The stone sculpture exhibit called “Zimsculpt” made its Florida debut with a two-month exhibition and sale at the Naples Botanical Garden, from February 18 until April 22, 2012. Zimsculpt has brought the creations of Zimbabwean sculptors to major exhibitions in botanical gardens worldwide, where they have been accorded critical acclaim. The exhibit features more than 100 stone carvings arranged throughout the Garden. In addition to the sculptures, a Zimbabwean artist is on-site carving in the Garden daily. “Zimbabwe” means "great stone house," so it is fitting that stone sculpture is the art that most represents the people of Zimbabwe.

Entrance to the Naples Botanical Garden

A beautiful bougainvillea blooms near the entrance to the Gardens.

"African Queen" by Joe Mutasa

"Dried Seed Pod" by Albert Wachi

"Male Cat" by Frazer Frazer

"Turtles" by Mwarura Ali

"Slippery Snake" by Stanley Vuno

"Solidarity" by Colleen Madamombe 

"African Warrior" by Witness Bonjisi 
Opal Stone
The entrance to the sculpting demonstration and sculpture sale area.

"Reunited" by Tauri Mtigua 
Opal Stone

Tent with Patrick Sephani
Patrick was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is known for his ability to use the natural and spiritual elements of stone to create works of art that are expressive of mood and emotion.

Sculptor Patrick Sephani at work

Moon Cycle by Zviito Chawani
Opal Stone

Sculpture Display

"Budding Flower" by Onward Sengo
and "Wise Owl" by Juja Tembo

"Look Within"

"Neverending" by Victor Matafi 

"Scripture" by McCloud Chiwawa
 Opal Stone

Tent with sculptures

Sculptures displayed inside the tent

Sculptures inside the tent


"Happy Family" by Patrick Sephani 
Opal Stone

"Mother and Son" by Joe Mutasa 

"Flock of Birds" by Mike Katsvango 

"Flock of Birds" detail

"Three Ladies"

"Newly Married" by Joe Mutasa 


"Links of Life" by Lincon Muteta 
Opal Stone


"Links of Life"

LaGrippe Family
Burle Marx Plaza

Plaza Mosaic by Roberto Burle Marx

Brazilian artist Roberto Burle Marx was a landscape architect with broad talents. Burle Marx is considered by professionals to be the father of contemporary landscape architecture. Raymond Jungles, a landscape artist himself, bought the mural from his teacher shortly before Burle Marx’s death in 1994. It spent 15 years in boxes, before being donated by Jungles to this very special civic project at the botanical garden.

"Girl Reading a Book" sitting on Wall

Close-up of "Girl Reading a Book"

"Fish" on the plaza waters

"Lady with Urn" on the plaza

Robert and "Lady with Urn"

A school of fish floating above the plaza waters

"Mermaid" on the plaza

"Standing Bather" by Gregory Mutasa
Opal Stone

"Cycle of Life" by Zviito Chawani
 Cobalt Stone

"Three Faces"

"Crested Eagle" by Godfrey Kututwa

"Energy" by Dudzai Mushawepwere
Opal Stone

"Energy" from the opposite side

"Infinity" by Temba Nyanhemwha

Promenade with Arbor

"Coming Together" by Charles Sabuneti 
Opal Stone

"Obsession" by Semina Mpofu 

"Neverending" by Washington Matafi 
Opal Stone

"Catching the Moon" by Jonathan Mhondorhuma

"Hiding" by Rufaro Ngoma

"Looking to the Future" by Rufaro Ngoma 


The Water Garden with Fish sculpture

A close-up of Fish, seemingly floating in the pond

"Mother’s Bond" by Lacknos Chingwara

"New Beginning" by Arthur Fata
Cobalt Stone

Close-up "New Beginning"

"Sisters and their Children" by Brian Watyoka 
Opal Stone

Paired for Life

"Look Within" by Munyaradzi Jeche 

Couple and Frogs

"Love Song" by Lovemore Bonjisi
 Cobalt stone - And final sculpture 


  1. Thank you for sharing. I just love flowers in Naples, FL. They are always the most beautiful, must be the water!

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