Monday, February 5, 2018

Fun with Flowers

Marianne & Carol at work on a design, using the Rule of Five
 to make a very quick but charming floral design
(that is, 5 flowers per side of florist oasis)

Carol's finished design

Gertraud, Margaret, Diane & Mary working on their designs

Mary & design



Jan, Rebecca & Cheryl

Paula & Weezie

Diane, Jackie & Joanie

Jackie & Diane

Donna, Carol & Katie

Polky, Elaine & Ann


Bonnie & Ginny

Who knew she was such a ham?

Ann Fossum's great pic:

Friday, January 12, 2018

Fairy Gardening

At the Estero Island Garden Club meeting on January 8, Patty Korn gave members a lesson on how to create a whimsical miniature garden, which is a place where fairies reside. Patty designed a fairy garden, planted it with pint-sized plants, (mostly succulents) decorated it with properly-scaled accessories and last of all, added some fairies. After Patty’s demo, members of the club, who had brought their own containers and small-scale plants, built their own fairy gardens.  Building the fairy gardens was great fun for the gardener and inner child in us all.

Patty discussed the many sources where you can buy miniature figurines and landscape structures, at places such as Hobby Lobby, garden centers, Amazon, eBay and other online stores; you might also repurpose found objects, such as dollhouse items, garden pebbles, shells and moss, to name a few.  With the array of miniature items available, fairy gardens can be made around many themes, using as many landscapes as you can imagine. The possibilities are endless, and there are numerous fairy garden ideas in books and online to provide inspiration. 

Ann, Patty & Ann M discuss materials for a fairy garden

Patty’s demo fairy garden

Elaine & Ann begin work on a fairy garden

Patty & Ann confer on Ann’s fairy garden

Margaret & Patty

Margaret’s fairy garden

Rebecca & her fairy garden

Ann M’s fairy garden

Cheryl with her fairy garden

Marianne & her fairy garden

A guest, Carol & Donna at work on their gardens

Polky & a beach-themed fairy garden

Elaine & her fairy garden

A fairy garden with mermaid

Paula at work on her garden

Carol finishing up her fairy garden

Joanie & her fairy garden

Judy's fairy garden

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bird Sculptures at the Edison Estates

The theme this year for the ninth annual “Art in the Gardens” outdoor sculptures  using recycled materials was “Birds.” Schools from throughout Lee County participated and entered their birds, which were situated throughout the Edison Heritage Garden area near the museum. “Birds” is a fitting theme, as the Edisons and Fords were avid bird watchers and advocates. 

Teachers were awarded funds to assemble the weather-proof, recycled  materials for the sculptures, and the art was up to the students. There were supposed to be 20 schools represented, but on the day I went, April 28, there were 17 sculptures. The exhibit started on March 19 and continued through April 23. It’s a good idea to visit this site earlier rather than later because sometimes the weather plays havoc with these outdoor sculptures.

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates, the Lee County Art Educators and Lee County Schools collaborated to bring the project to fruition. Sponsors included Winn Dixie,  Forestry Resources and GoMulch. The exhibit was free to the public--it wasn’t necessary to pay the usual fee to visit the Estates. 

Entrance into the Art in the Gardens exhibit from Larchmont Street

Edison Family Pet Peacock

The Edison family owned a pet peacock. If it was spoken to softly, it would spread its tail feathers for visitors. 

Signage for Art in the Gardens

Mina Edison and bird sculpture in the Heritage Garden

Bird sculpture by Bill Frye, Edison Ford Winter Estates employee

Student art exhibits at the very entrance to the garden

Bird-themed sculptures line the walkway

Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School, Teacher: Vanessa Lombardo 

Ida S. Baker High School, Teachers: Elodie Cotton & Lorna Bluestein

Close-up of Bird house

Fort Myers High School, Teacher: Todd Abbey

Bird sculptures down the right side of the walkway

Diplomat Middle School, Teacher: Oliver Dominguez 

“Big Bird” made of plastic spoons and knives

Dunbar High School, Teacher: Linda Jones

Peacock on a ribbon

Mariner High School, Teacher: Jennifer Reilly

Close-up of Mariner Redbird

Lehigh Senior High School, Teacher: Cristina Penuel

Lehigh birds and bird houses

Edison Park Elementary School, Teacher: Karen Flanders

Edison Ford Winter Estates Home School and Manatee Elementary School

Edison Ford Winter Estates Home School, Teacher: Deborah Bowers

One of the bird faces hiding under the bougainvillea

Manatee Elementary School, Teacher: Andrea Luizzi
A bird family and its nest

Tortuga Preserve Elementary School, Teacher: Christina Sterrett

Tortuga Preserve “Tree”

Tortuga Preserve American Eagle

Bonita Springs Middle School, Teacher: Joy Cooper

Bonita Springs birds in buckets

Bonita Springs bird close-up

South Fort Myers, Teacher: Maria Cabrera

Varsity Lakes Middle School, Teacher: Marjorie Resler

Trafalgar Elementary School, Teacher: Helen Garcia-Valdez

Stacks of ceramics

The Alva School, Teacher: Nicole Bizjak

The Alva School bird plaque

North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts Middle School, Teacher: Brenda Lown 

North Fort Myers Academy

North Fort Myers Academy

North Fort Myers Academy

North Fort Myers Academy

Bird sculptures in the Heritage Garden